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Why My Produce Trail Web Site?

14 August 2012

Wrtitten by Gale |

Why the myproducetrail web site? Because there are people like me who want your produce/product and there are people like you who want to tell me what you produce and where and how to find it.

The website is the brainchild of a father who ran out of eggs for the cake that he and his two sons were baking. Five year old hands might like the idea of breaking open an egg, but truth be known, dogs like to lick up the eggs that never make it to the bowl. The dog was happy, the children were distraught, and the father was at his wits end until he remembered the little farm up the road.

So off they went on a hunt for eggs knowing that there were some farm gates only a couple of km away where real eggs could be had. But alas none would be had that day, and not knowing of any other farm gates, they had to settle for the commercial variety available on a round trip of 25 km away from their home.

And so was born the idea of a web site dedicated to communicating the produce that you make available to your local area, and the produce that you are looking for in your local community.


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